Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alabaster Moment.!

Three times we meet this woman in the gospels and
three times we see her at Jesus' feet,
her attitude, her posture
was one of worship.
In Mark 14. We meet her at the house of Simon, the Pharisee,
she entered a house full of people ,
not caring what people would think or say ,
even though they knew her,
they had her Cv but she was bold enough to go to Jesus.

Armed with her alabaster jar,
she placed it beside and began kissing his feet...
his dusty maybe smelly feet
which hadn't been washed...
she kissed them...she showed Jesus affection ,
she didn't care about the germs or anything...
she just kissed his feet some more and then she wept....

These were not just one or two tear drops
she wept ...she poured out her heart
a pool or if you would a flood of tears enough to wash the masters feet....
what sincerity....what genuineness
Then she took her hair,
the bible describes the hair of a woman as her glory.....
we really value our hair,
she could have used a towel
or a rug or her dress
but she used her hair to wipe His feet....
The masters feet,
The feet of Jesus.

All this time
everyone is looking at her
not a word is uttered
but she continued about her business.
Then came her moment,
her climax, her opportune time
and she got hold of her jar,
she didn't open it....
she didn't spray just a little to reserve it for later.....
she BROKE it,
that expensive sweet smelling perfume.

And everyone in the room knew what that was,
the scent of that perfume....
An ointment of spikenard-pure nard...
she poured the whole of it on Jesus' head.
This 'sinful' woman gave her all to the one who deserves our all.
My all and your all.

That's the attitude God wants form all of us,
to give Him our all ,
our everything,
our very best,
our problems, our very worst..
we lay it all down unreservedly without holding back anything...
we break b4 him and once we are broken,
we are ready to go to the potter's house in Jeremiah 18 ....
The potter was making an earthen ware vessel which got marred...
but thank God it got marred in his hands...
we are in the hands of the Lord and we only need to yield...
We need to avail ourselves,
to break b4 him
so that He can fashion us according to His own image as he so desires.

grab your alabaster moment!

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