Thursday, September 24, 2009


“David the Dazzling Daring Dude slays Goliath, the Glaring Giant from Gath.”

This is a story which evolves much like a movie.
The setting is in the valley of Elah. Goliath the philistine champion is on one side with his army and King Saul is on the other side.

For 40days everyday morning and evening with unyielding consistency, this humongous gigantic Hercules ,Goliath  about 9 .9” tall comes out and dares the Israelites to send him one man to fight him so as to determine the outcome and destiny of either side.

No one ,not one person not even Saul who apparently was the tallest in Israel and most impressive would dare stand up to this guy, They were terrified, they were scared stiff of this grizzly looking mean giant who was determined to make minced meat out of them. He was intimidating and he looked unbeatable…unbwogable.

The enters the scene a youth, a young handsome lad 17yrs of age, his current occupation, a shepherd &part time musician who occasionally plays the harp for king Saul. He has been sent to take food to his brothers and the moment he hears the insults of Goliath..unlike the rest of the crew, he is not dismayed, he asks

“What will be done to the guy who kills this Philistine and removes this disgrace form Israel?” Remember he is not a trained warrior, he doesn’t have the papers nor the qualifications. As a matter of fact all the people with impeccable credentials were shaking in their boots, they shied away despite the fact that it had great perks.
  • You will receive great wealth (not riches there is a huge difference )
  • You get to marry the Kings daughter ( no tuning, no courtship ,no dowry) free
  • You and your family gets tax exemption( just like our Kenyan MPs)

    Word gets to Saul that a volunteer has been found . When David stands b4 Saul he produces his resume. Notice one thing, he did not tell the other soldiers nor his brothers about his escapades with the Lion and the bear, perhaps they wouldn’t have listened to him, rather at the right time, at the opportune moment b4 the right guy, he chose to tell Saul what he had accomplished.

    When faced with a daunting task , you need to know when to shut up, when to talk and whom to talk to because you will hear strange voices that may discourage you.

When Saul heard all these he decided to give David his Armor, to equip him for the fight…Now that’s where you and I go wrong. God has given us a promise for some insurmountable task and we fear that somehow he may not come fully for us so we try to help God with our own way which is no way at all because God is not weak and He is jealous, he is particularly keen on getting ALL the glory!

The next scene , we see David by a stream picking 5smooth stones, armed with a sling he goes to meet Goliath. Now this is not what you do on your 1st assignment on the 1st day of your work.
  • You impress your new boss
  • Dismiss his advice
  • Choose crude materials for the task at hand ( experimenting)

1 SAMUEL 17:40 – I have heard various preachers talk about  the significance of the 5 stones…some label it among the secret numbers of God.) some say that the stones represent Jesus ( i.e 5letter name = 5 stones) some say its symbolic of grace ) but I see 5 stones, clearly and plainly , David picked 5 stones and approached the Philistine,

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