Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Stench and His love

Trapped in the mire,
Bogged by indecision,
all around me
still i desire to go ,
I trudge and grope around...
I cant find my way,
I ... think Im Lost....

It begins to rain,
I cant run... in fact Im now sinking
Slowly but surely,
I try calling out but my voice is lost..
soon hailstones from above
begin to rain on me,
It feels like 1000 blows raining on me simultaneously,
Im in pain....Im hurting
I feel like crying
I feel dejected,despondent,
Im sinking in the doldrums.....
all around me is thorny,
It feels like many sharp broke bottles are there
pricking my torso
and my feet are giving way

The storm is worsening,
Its grown into a tempest,
Thunder and blinding lightening.
The wind has become violent,
slapping my face at will
What do I do?

Then I think about Adam
and the misery he put me thru
This is what I have to go thru
Today Im labeled and branded a sinner
Im suffering yet he lies in the grave!
He has a lot to answer
when we meet on the other side.
I feel like punching Him!

Now Im a stinking,
poor, miserable sinner,
A refugee because My dad(Adam)
sold us out....
Im full of a loathsome stench
I reek with a disgusting odour
That is repugnant and despicable
Im full of the brim
I need help

I need help
I need rescue
I need redemption
I need somebody
who will salvage me
And not ravage me...
I need a savior b4 I die.

In My state he saw me 2000 yrs ago,
He chose to come for me
all because of Love
he loved me even thought i did not know him
He loved me not because of
but in spite of....
I didnt perform or impress him He just loved me!

Emmanuel came for me,
He liberated me from the clutches of Sin
And now Im free,
He knows my name
And In Him I live and move and have my being.
Today I live because He lives
Today I proclaim the gospel to all and sundry
Because what else did you expect me to do ?

When My abhorrent stench and his pure unbridled Love met at the cross.
I love you Lord
Teach me how to love you even more
Thank you Jesus.

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