Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Wrath of God vis-a-vis the Grace of God

"In order to fully grasp the grace of God , we must understand the wrath of God!" - Temwani Weche

This was a quote my friend told me recently and it just blew my mind.

this has no direct scripture reference(quote) but its a conclusion made when you synthesize it as part of the whole counsel of God's word. IN the OT God dealt with guys hapo na hapo ...when Adam sinned his wrath was aroused and it had to be satisfied.

All the levitical sacrifices merely pacified him(the sins were atoned for) until Christ came and introduced grace and when he died on the cross, he became our propitiatory sacrifice and God's was totally satisfied (past,present and future sins) were catered for.

Now this is grace because what U and I deserve is Death, his wrath but then he gives us his unmerited favor and extends MERCY so that we are declared, righteous...blameless even when we sin, hence the doctrine of eternal security.

When U read Revelation as from chapter 15 and u see judgment, u see how awful and how bad his wrath is and what kind of business will be going on there esp. chapter 16...

and then it hits you , he took all that away, and all u and i have to do today is just believe,repent and confess that Christ is Lord.

Now grace can be abused (has been abused)and so is eternal security...some scoffers of this doctrine allude that u can do all that you want to do as long as you are saved and still end up in heaven...that is inconsistent with scripture.

But a panoramic view of the bible will help U see that His wrath and grace are related and cannot be isolated lest we become insolent and ungrateful of what Christ did at the cross...infact I dare say that out of the many transactions that happened, his wrath and grace was one of them

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