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“David the Dazzling Daring Dude slays Goliath, the Glaring Giant from Gath.”

Word gets to Saul that a volunteer has been found. When David stands b4 Saul he produces his resume. Notice one thing, he did not tell the other soldiers nor his brothers about his escapades with the Lion and the Bear, perhaps they wouldn’t have listened to him, rather at the right time, at the opportune moment b4 the right guy, he chose to tell Saul what he had accomplished.

When faced with a daunting task, you need to know when to shut up, when to talk and whom to talk to because you will hear strange voices that may discourage you.

When Saul heard all these he decided to give David his Armor, to equip him for the fight…Now that’s where you and I go wrong. God has given us a promise for some insurmountable task and we fear that somehow he may not come fully for us so we try to help God with our own way which is no way at all because God is not weak and He is jealous, he is particularly keen on getting ALL the glory!

We live in a fallen world with imperfect systems and as a result we will from time to time be confronted with tough situations, big challenges ahead of us. Some of you have been in this tough situation for a very long time, it has worn you out. Just like the Israelite nation, as u go to sleep its right there with you, when you wake up in the morning, it is staring at your face reminding you of your weaknesses, your inabilities, your inadequacies, your lack of ambition and you don’t know what to do. You feel terrified.

You may have reached at the end of the rope and you are feeling flustered, that is the best place to be because you have run out of options and you are at the brink of a precipice. It is important that you realize your limitations because that is where Saul was, he had to come to terms with the fact that he was scared, he went against his better judgment to allow David to face Goliath

Perhaps part of the reason why he allowed him to fight Goliath was
  • David’s testimony when he was recruiting him to come and play the harp for him. One of his servants said of David that , “……..the Lord is with him.” . What are you known for? What do people say about you in your absence?

  • Another thing is that when David stood b4 Saul , he didn’t brag about his might but he said, “The Lord delivered me from the Lion and the Bear”

The next scene, we see David by a stream picking 5 smooth stones, armed with a sling he goes to meet Goliath. Now this is not what you do on your 1st assignment on the 1st day of your work.
  • You impress your new boss
  • Dismiss his advice
  • Choose crude materials for the task at hand ( experimenting)

1 SAMUEL 17:40-47 I have heard various preachers talk about the significance of the 5 stones…some label it among the secret numbers of God.) Some say that the stones represent Jesus ( i.e 5letter name = 5 stones) some say its symbolic of grace ) but I see 5 stones, clearly and plainly , David picked 5 stones and approached the Philistine,

As he did this Goliath inched closer …try to imagine and think with me, what was going on in the mind of this young man as he approached this mammoth of a man?

Goliath insulted David and David on the other hand reminded himself and his opponent that He goes to fight in the name of the Lord. He prophesied victory for himself and for the entire Israelite nation. Don’t allow the devil to preach to you while you keep quiet silently.

Such Nerve!! Talk about Guts!! This was a young boy….probably by the time Goliath had started fighting, David was not yet born!

Rom 10:17 “Faith comes by hearing…..”  There are those times in the middle of the night when you are left alone when it’s dark and cold… you need to preach to yourself and speak life to your seemingly dead situation. As you say it, you hear it and as you hear it , your faith is activated and it begins to grow and as it grows you are propelled into action! You will not always have a pastor with you.

Lazarus had been dead for 4 days….Imagine the stares and glances that Jesus received as he walked to the tomb…..

The woman with the issue of blood had suffered for a long time ….. but when she heard that Jesus is in town….she spoke to herself! She must have heard about the astronomical and astounding success about Jesus’ ministry and that alone was enough to make her say, “If I can touch the hem…..” How well do you know Jesus and his ability to perform?

1 SAMUEL 17:48-52 – David ran towards his enemy, he didn’t walk, he ran because he was charged, he was loaded with the anointing of God.  When you get to your saturation limit you can only do one thing….MOVE!! You know no obstacle, hindrances become a thing of the past, I mean you are full of determination and you want to happen!!

David used what he knew best, a sling and a stone, he gave no time for reasoning whether he was going to make it or not, he just did his part.

What was going thru his mind?
  • Samuel had anointed him and told him that God had chosen him to be King and because David had an intimate relationship with God, he knew very well that God is not a man to lie so that therefore means that I’m not going to die today, I will fight this guy. What has God promised you and it has not yet come to pass?
  • He wanted the whole world to know that there is a God in Israel. His motivation was pure, that all the glory should go to God, Jehovah Nissi. That impossibility will stay staring at you until you align your motives to glorifying God.
  • This is a suspicion of mine but I suspect its true, when he thought about the wealth, the bride and the tax exemption, he mustered all the courage he had, he grabbed that moment and said, “This is my now!”

What impossibility is staring you in the face today? What is it that people are saying you cannot do?

  • The God we serve is an Almighty God, He is not weak, He is omnipotent.
  • The mighty one of Jacob
  • His name is Yahweh who created the heavens and the earth out of nothing using the spoken word.
  • He is the one who specializes in making impossibilities turn to possibilities.
  • His name is Jehovah he says in Luke 1:37 “With God all things are possible!”
  • Jeremiah 32:27 “I am The Lord God of all flesh is there anything too hard 4me?”
  • The one Emmanuel who made his dwelling among men
  • He is the great I am!
  • The ultimate God!
  • The undisputable one
  • He is able to do exceedingly abundantly……Ephesians 3:20
  • He says is Isaiah 40 every valley shall be filled, every mountain ….
  • He is the Alpha and the Omega…..
  • He is Abba father
  • He says in Daniel 12:32 “They that know their God shall be strong ….”
  • The CEO of the entire universe, I mean He is God!

What Goliath is facing you today?

After David struck this Giant with a stone, the entire army got the courage to attack the philistines. Once you have dealt with your impossibility, the people around you will also arise.

Conclusion. Vs 55-58
All this time David worked in the palace and yet Saul did not really know who this guy was, even Abner the general and yet David was Saul’s armor bearer.

It was until he slew Goliath that all of a sudden Saul wanted David’s autograph.
I can imagine what his elder brothers were saying, perhaps they were embarrassed that their young brother had done what they were afraid to do.

Or maybe they were happy and proud of David’s success and wanted everyone in the army to know that this giant slayer was their very own kid brother!

And then I can imagine how his father Jesse felt, I’m almost sure that everyone in his hood who met him had to be told in graphic detail how David killed Goliath, even though he wasn’t present when it happened.

It is when you have done the impossible that people will want to celebrate you, Right no there are people who are taking you for granted but wait till you overcome….

You are designed and destined to flourish!

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